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Wireless Sensor Network

Embedded Software

Die Kombination aus den integrierten Software- und Hardware-Plattformen von Advantech sorgt für eine deutliche Optimierung von Industrial Cloud Services und der Microsoft Windows Embedded Technology. Die Kunden müssen bei ihren Projekten nicht mehr eine Vielzahl verschiedener Anbieter (Hardware-Anbieter, Systemintegratoren, Anbieter von eingebetteten Betriebssystemen usw.) koordinieren, sondern erhalten alles aus einer Hand. Advantech bietet jetzt einen innovativen, Cloud-basierten Service – SUSIAccess. Dabei handelt es sich um ein einzigartiges, intelligentes Tool für die Geräteverwaltung, das den Kunden das zentrale Monitoring und Management von eingebetteten Remote-Geräten in Echtzeit ermöglicht.

  • SUSIAccess


    Advantech provides powerful yet simple management software services in SUSIAccess, making it easier to manage your IoT devices. SUSIAccess features remote management functions and incorporates system security from McAfee and back-up recovery from Acronis to help customers centralize monitoring and management of remote ...

  • McAfee Embedded Security

    McAfee Embedded Security

    McAfee Embedded Security software is an industry first–a solution to secure embedded devices. McAfee Embedded Security prevents unauthorized changes and will lock a system down to a known application configuration so that no other applications can execute. McAfee Embedded Security solution goes beyond antivirus to more ...

  • Acronis Backup and Recovery

    Acronis Backup and Recovery

    Acronis solution provides a powerful system recovery and backup utility. One-Click recovery lets your system get back to work in minutes, reduces downtime cost, and prevents unexpected hazards from harming important data and systems. Its friendly UI is easy to use so customers can complete backup with fewer technical ...

  • Windows Embedded OS

    Windows Embedded OS

    Windows Embedded is a group of Microsoft operating systems that are designed to be run and used on embedded computer systems. The embedded computer systems that run these operating systems include small-footprint, real-time devices and Point-of-Sales systems like those in kiosks, small-footprint, headless systems, ...

  • QNX OS

    QNX OS

    QNX is a Micro-Kernel with highly modularized architecture, offering a reliable, real-time system that does not crash or reboot. Its certified platform saves great effort for customers that need to implement critical systems that meet the most stringent certifications in the medical, transportation and automation ...

  • Other OS Options

    Other OS Options

    Advantech provides a series of real-time OS services for Advantech platforms, including Wind River VxWorks, Linux and Android Solutions.



    Advantech has created SUSI (Secure and Unified Smart Interface), a suite of application interfaces that lets users directly monitor and control digital I/O, I2C, CPU stepping speed, watchdog timers, and smart fans. SUSI APIs help produce better, more reliable products, with faster time-to-market.

  • Embedded BIOS

    Embedded BIOS

    Embedded BIOS solutions deliver the superior performance compatibility and functionality that systems integrators need– through Modularized BIOS, Secure BIOS and UEFI Utility. Multiple options let customers tailor their products to a wide range of designs for their target markets.

  • WISE-Cloud Alliance: Customer Testimonial Video

    Three WISE-Cloud Alliance members shared how WISE-Cloud Alliance helped them build their IoT applications which increased their competitiveness and ...

    Last Updated : May 15, 2015
  • Catching up the Coming Big Waves of IoT & Smart City

    2014 Advantech Embedded World Partner Conference

    Last Updated : Dec 22, 2014
  • Beyond Embedded Leadership in the IoT Era

    2014 Advantech Embedded World Partner Conference

    Last Updated : Dec 22, 2014
  • Video Thumb

    WISE-Cloud IoT Software Services

    Advantech’s WISE-Cloud (Wireless IoT Sensing Embedded) Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud platform that provides the infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services. By adopting Advantech’s WISE-Cloud, IoT

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