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Wireless Sensor Network


Advantech bietet zwei verschiedene Controller-Typen mit entsprechenden I/O-Modulen für vielseitige Anwendungen an, PC-basierte Controller und Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). Die PC-basierten Controller nutzen Entwicklungsumgebungen mit offenen Schnittstellen; die PACs sind Einzelplattformen mit interdisziplinärer Controller-Funktionalität.

  • PAC (APAX-5000-Serie)

    PAC (APAX-5000-Serie)

    Die Remote-E/As APAX-5000, z. B. der APAX-5620, bieten eine offene Entwicklungsarchitektur, bei der die Steuerung, Datenverarbeitung und Vernetzung in einem Steuersystem vereint sind. Die Remote-E/A-Serie APAX-5000, darunter auch der APAX-5620, hat im Gegensatz zu anderen PAC-Produkten des Markts zwei Controller für ...

  • Intelligent RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) : ADAM-3600 Series

    Intelligent RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) : ADAM-3600 Series

    The ADAM-3600 is a new ADAM series for RTU application by leveraging IoT technology. They not only have high environmental adaptability to work in the far and wide remote station. But also the new form factor is very friendly for the installation in control cabinet. The domain focused on-board IO design and the 4 slots IO ...

  • ADAM-5000-Serie


    Die PC-gestützten ADAM-5000-Controller umfassen auch die ADAM-E/A-Serie und die ADAM-5560CE/KW Micro-PACs. Sie haben eine Intel Atom D510-CPU und steuerspezifische Leistungsmerkmale wie Watchdog-Timer, batteriegestützter RAM und deterministische E/A. Der PC-gestützte Controller ADAM-5560KW unterstützt 5 IEC 61131-3-...

  • Advantech WISE-Cloud Service Development Strategy for the IoT Era

    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference

    Last Updated : Dec 22, 2014
  • Partnering for Smart City and IoT Trends

    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference

    Last Updated : Dec 22, 2014
  • Realizing IoT & Industry 4.0 Business Success

    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference

    Last Updated : Dec 22, 2014
Case Studies
Industry Focus
  • Video Thumb

    Advantech SRP Brochure - Monitoring and Diagnostic & Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Semiconductor Equipment

    Effective use of monitoring and diagnostic solutions, to not only prevent equipment failure for enhancing the capacity  and stalibility, but also to greatly save maintenance costs. 

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    Advantech SRP Brochure - Water Conservation and Water Treatment Solution

    Equipment that integrates the monitoring and control, data analysis, real-time video, mass data records, data base exchange mechanism and cloud technology based system, allows water conservation experts to easily construct various modes of control and

  • Video Thumb

    Advantech SRP Brochure - Smart Monitoring and Management Solutions for Quality Testing Labs

    Quality and reliability assurance tests are commonly used to validate whether products can operate correctly in regular and special environments in accordance with the functions and features set by designers, which is an integral part of the product

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