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  • White Papers
  • Design with Leading Display Technologies

    Compared to commercial grade displays, industrial displays require ruggedness and longevity, and they must be able to operate in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Industrial displays are usually designed with longer life using more reliable materials for the backlight module and optical film. Normally industrial displays will
  • Immersive CurveView™ Improving the Visual Experience with Curved Screen Displays

    The ongoing growth of the global monitor industry has prompted the introduction of new technologies that have led to the development of various new products and applications. The curved screen touch monitor is one such new product. Besides consumer products that feature curved monitor designs, certain industrial and commercial applications also ado
  • Whitepaper SOM-5991

    The modularized computer concept has been employed for over 20 years now and has generated many popular form-factors such as ETX, COM Express, and Qseven. This architecture-independent hardware product platform lets the user leverage the exchangeability between different chipsets to extend product life cycle and make carrier board design easier, shortening development schedules and satisfying time-to-market demands. These advantages are recognized by users, and as a result this architecture has become a general board solution for SBCs and motherboards. In a marketing research report, Computer-on-Module shares garnered 22% of industrial board solutions with CAGR growth of 15%, while other industrial standards like CPCI declined. No doubt, Computer-on-Module will become one of the most comprehensive design tools in coming decades.
  • Advantech Smart City White Paper

    Advantech Promotes the Concept
    and Vision of a Smart City
    The term “Smart City” is no longer a new concept. With
    the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT),
    smart cities are dramatically increasing worldwide,
    gradually yet subtly becoming a part of everyday life.
    Advantech is publishing this whitepaper to increase
    public understanding by sharing success stories from
    around the world. This allows local governments
    planning to implement smart cities to learn from
    previous cases and, together with Advantech, promote
    the development of smart cities.
  • Selbstüberwachende, intelligente ARK-Systeme von Advantech treiben die Entwicklung im Internet of Things (IoT) voran

    Das Internet of Things bildet die Grundlage für die Verbindung von intelligenten Geräten mit dem Cloud-Computing. Die neue Generation der lüfterlosen Embedded-Systeme der ARK-Serie von Advantech bietet umfassende Funktionalität für die Selbstverwaltung, die reibungslose Kommunikation und den Selbstschutz. Die Systeme können außerdem Echtzeit-Monitoring und Mechanismen für die Kontrolle von angebundenen Peripheriegeräte implementieren, automatisch Daten von diesen Geräten erfassen und ungewöhnliche Situationen melden. In verschiedenen Anwendungsumgebungen kann ARK seinen „Selbstüberwachungsmechanismus“ (Self-Sensing) starten, der durch modernste Software- und Hardwaredesigns unterstützt wird. Die Anwender sind dadurch in der Lage, IoT-Anwendungen zügig zu implementieren und deren Nutzen zu maximieren.